When it comes to jewelry, the word crystal usually refers to either quartz gemstones (rock crystals) or artificial crystals (leaded glass beads). Colors and finishes can enhance the sparkling beauty of clear natural crystal. Because of the growth of technology today, man can make crystals just like natural ones. So it doesn't matter how much budget you have; you can find your favorite crystals at any price.
Even though there are numerous kinds of crystal jewelry like bracelets and anklets, earrings, and so on, today, on CyrusCrafts' Jewelry, we will dig deep into crystal necklaces and bracelets. Get comfortable as we cover everything you need to know about crystal necklaces and other jewelry pieces, including types, colors, names, Etc.


Crystal Necklaces: Colors & Health Benefits

There are many different types of crystals, each with its color, properties, and healing powers. It's simple to support different intentions by choosing crystals based on color. Each color has its general meaning and vibe, which should direct you in the right direction energy-wise. Please don't forget to put your crystal pieces of jewelry in jewelry boxes to protect them against harm.
Although judging a crystal's energies based on its color alone isn't as precise as researching each crystal, it is still an effective way to get a feel for what kind of energy work the stone might be good for. The picture below will help you choose your ideal jewelrykinds-of-crystal


In addition to providing spiritual protection and energetic stability, wearing crystals can benefit your overall health and well-being. An effective way to balance your subtle energy system is through crystals. A crystal can be held or placed on your body to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing; you can use it as a stone for your ring to be with you always. It is supposedly due to crystals' positive effects on the chakras in the human body. Use some crystals are said to alleviate stress, while others are said to enhance creativity or concentration.


Crystal Necklaces with Natural Crystal Quartz 

We can summarize that natural crystals follow a pattern of molecules or atoms. A natural crystal can be found in various shapes, sizes, and characteristics, with its crystalline structure arranged to allow the passage of energy through the stone. Minerals and crystals share the same geometric molecular pattern and have the same inner structure or lattice. Natural or inorganic, they are solid materials with specific chemical formulations. Moreover, the mother of nature can make mineral crystals; the moonstone is an excellent example of a mineral crystal.
Natural crystals have a certain symmetry depending on how the crystal's atoms are organized. Natural crystals always fall into one of the following categories: Cubic, Hexagonal, Tetragonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic, and Triclinic.


Crystal Necklaces with artificial Crystals

"man-made crystal" refers to a manufactured stone made entirely of synthetic materials and usually produced in high quantities. No natural materials exist, and they are not imitations of natural stones. Crystal energies are almost non-existent in most of them since they are usually made from glass or plastic. We suggest combining artificial crystals with oxidized jewelry if you want to design a unique necklace; the result would be extraordinary.


Crystal Bracelets and anklets

Whether male or female, most of us use different kinds of bracelets and anklets daily with our casual and party styles. Crystal bracelets are one of the other most famous pieces of jewelry. You can use minimalist crystal bracelets with your casual and work style and shiny crystal bracelets with your formal style and night dress.


Most Popular Crystal Jewelry

In body accessories like Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, and anklets, crystal necklaces are the most popular type. Symbolizing love and any sentiment someone wants to hold close to their heart, crystal necklaces are stunning and versatile. An amethyst crystal necklace, for example, supposedly soothes anxiety and promotes sleep. A gorgeous magenta-hued crystal is regarded as the most powerful of all crystals. Your mind can be cleared, and you can feel loved by wearing a crystal necklace. Despite the popularity of amethyst crystal, there are many other beautiful crystals that you should at least check out, including:
Celestite: This is known as an energy healer in energy medicine. Celestite is often used to aid in insomnia and migraine relief.
Citrine: It promotes financial abundance and opportunities. As well as awakening the solar plexus chakra, it promotes self-confidence.


Fluorite: It is said that this stone can purify our spirit and help us transform negative energy into positive energy, leading to a more clear mind and peace of mind.
Garnets: They regulate and activate the Root Chakra, detoxify the blood, and keep the heart healthy. Spleen, lung, and spine injuries are also strengthened by it. According to ancient beliefs, the Garnet stone reduces depression and protects the wearer from poison.
Malachite: Malachite has many benefits, including providing protection, alleviating negativity, and enhancing all aspects of your well-being, including your immune system, respiratory system, liver, and energy levels.
Pyrite: This crystal helps release negative energy and fears, particularly those that may block success.


Buying Crystal Necklaces and Bracelets

CyrusCrafts' online jewelry shop in the USA and Canada is a great place to look around and find a handmade necklace or other crystal jewelry. As well as natural crystals, CyrusCrafts also carries artificial crystals, smoothed ones and pyramids, large and rare stones, and even other gemstones. You'll receive a complete guide to your journey whether you're a first-time crystal buyer or looking for something unique. Due to the different types of natural and artificial crystal necklaces' prices can vary greatly, but we have a unique collection that almost everyone can afford. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift, we ensure you find the right jewelry.


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