Shopping wholesale saffron hasn't been easier than this! Cyruscrafts wholesale market is passionate about catering to the needs of everyone wishing to purchase saffron. Not only are small amounts of saffron available for purchase, but wholesale amounts, such as 100g, 1kg, and more than 1kg, are also readily available. We can satisfy the demands for any amount of saffron required. Currently, Cyruscrafts comprises a group of manufacturers directly linked to customers, and it is eager to collaborate with America, Europe, Asian countries, and Middle Eastern nations. People worldwide have begun using saffron due to its distinct taste, flavor, aroma, and numerous health benefits. Another interesting thing about saffron is that it is one of the most expensive commodities in the world (per weight). This is the main reason for adulteration. Looking for trustworthy brands and reputable stores is best when buying wholesale saffron online or making deals.

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Top Saffron Producer Countries

There are different grades and prices of saffron produced in the top five saffron-producing countries. So, what are the top 5 saffron-producing countries?

1. Iran

Iran is considered the world's largest producer of high-quality saffron. The country is responsible for 95% of saffron produced in the world. The country's diverse climate and fertile soil make it the prime location to grow saffron. The primary producer of saffron in Iran is the Khorasan province, which produces most of the saffron in Iran. Also, the Iranians have come up with saffron-based products such as saffron rock candy, saffron tea, saffron nuts, saffron cake powder, Sohan, etc.

2. India

India is the second saffron-producing country. More specifically, Kashmir saffron. Kashmir's altitude and favorable weather make it perfect for harvesting flavored saffron with a great smell and taste.

3. Spain

In our top 5 saffron-producing countries, Spain comes in third. Most of the Spanish saffron grows in the La Mancha region. However, the Spanish saffron has a milder flavor and aroma. The Spanish saffron includes Crème and Spanish Superior.

4. Greece

Greece comes in fourth in the top 5 saffron-producing countries list. The Greece saffron has the finest quality, and many countries favor it. 

5. Morocco

Morocco has its share in producing saffron as well. Most of the saffron produced in Morocco comes from the Taliouine region, which is south of the country with great weather and soil perfect for growing saffron.

Shopping wholesale saffron

There are different grades and prices of saffron produced in the top five saffron-producing countries. Moreover, saffron can be bought directly from wholesale manufacturers.

Are Iranian Companies Reliable Sources to Buy Bulk Saffron?

There is a lot to be careful about buying wholesale saffron. Also, because counterfeit products can cause irreparable damage to buyers, you must buy from the saffron market and a reputable saffron wholesaler.

Most wholesalers are not producers of saffron, so they get their supply from others. The Iranian saffron, which farmers harvest, is handpicked carefully to preserve its high quality. The saffron that is harvested is examined in the lab to determine its purity and to determine its quality.

Pure Iranian Saffron

The pickers and processors professionally handle the premium saffron manually to minimize damage. Pure Iranian saffron can be identified by its deep red coloring. The exceptionally pleasant sort of saffron has a deeper coloring. Also, in contrast to our beliefs, pure Iranian saffron has a barely sweet taste.

But, if you recommend buying saffron directly from Iranian saffron suppliers or the saffron markets. We suggest asking for lab tests if you rely heavily on your customers' trust. Are you looking to purchase saffron in bulk? Do you want to know what the best brands of Iranian saffron are?

What Are the Best Iranian Saffron Brands?

There are different types of Iranian saffron brands. There are different types of Iranian saffron brands. We offer wholesale Iranian saffron in the following types.

Zaran Saffron

Zaran Saffron is the leading Iranian saffron brand. It commits to sourcing and distributing only the finest, freshest-quality saffron available anywhere. They test the super Negin saffron threads in accredited labs before selling them. Aside from that, they never offer adulterated or out-of-date goods or add moisture to increase the weight.

Mostafavi Saffron

Mostafavi was established in 1990 to manufacture and export Iranian saffron to worldwide markets. Mostafavi saffron produces and distributes one of the best saffrons in Iran with innovation and using modern processing and storage technology, as well as distribution and marketing.

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Saharkhiz Saffron

Saharkhiz saffron brand is one of the oldest and most well-known Iranian brands. Its products are also of high quality and have a large variety due to its supply of dried fruits.

Persian saharkhiz saffron

Bahrman Saffron

Bahraman saffron was established in 1349. Also, this Iranian saffron brand has a variety of saffron products with high quality and reasonable prices. One of the new products of Bahraman saffron is saffron spray, which is widely used in cooking.

bahraman saffron

Buy Bulk Saffron

You can purchase bulk saffron and Iranian saffron from Cyruscrafts, the leading supplier of saffron and other tasty Iranian products. Cyruscrafts is a large saffron wholesale with offices in Canada and the United States and exports a large amount of saffron to Asian, European, and American countries each year.

The prices listed on our website are intended as single sales. Thanks to our new discount, we offer better prices for those selling large volumes of saffron. Therefore, you can increase your marginal profit because shipping costs do not differ greatly. Please contact us directly to inquire about special discounts for bulk orders or large quantities of saffron.

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