From the bright red shag of the '70s to today's modern carpets, we can all agree that rugs have come a long way in design and functionality. Iran has been at the top of carpet exporters for many years and has a key role in the world market for the sale and export of hand-woven and machine-woven carpets. Persian carpets have also changed and evolved according to today's world of fashion and lifestyle so that they can be used for any taste and style of decoration. Modern carpets can satisfy anyone anywhere in the world, from East Asia to Canada and the United States.

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Whether you're looking for a statement-making decorative piece for your formal, mid-century living room or a soft and durable modern carpet to play with your baby, there's a Persian rug on Cyruscrafts for you.

Guide to Choosing and Buying a Modern Carpet for Contemporary Decoration

Selection always is more challenging than supply. The question is how to choose beautifully crafted modern carpets with a mid-century modern style living room. In this article, we suggest some thoughts bear in mind when making your choice of fine modern carpets for your modern decor:

1) Prioritize the Quality of the Modern Carpet

Put aside the design and color of the rug, and look first for the material and quality of your modern carpet. Pets, kids, and stains are all things you'll want to think about when choosing a new rug. However, deciphering the different rug materials available can be a bit of a puzzle. Let's take a look at some of the most popular options on the market.

Modern Wool Rugs

A modern area rug made with wool brings warmth and coziness to a space. Due to lanolin, the waxy substance in sheep's wool, wool is naturally resilient and stain-resistant. As a result, stains and dirt won't penetrate deeply into the wool rug.

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Modern Viscose Rugs

The ultra-soft texture of viscose makes it particularly suitable for extra care. Due to its premium nature, self-cleaning methods are discouraged for these modern carpets. Viscose rugs are undeniably beautiful but aren't the best choice for busy entryways or kid's playrooms.

Modern Jute Rugs

Modern jute rugs bring beauty and function together. Pet-friendly and relatively easy to clean, jute is naturally soft and durable. As a result, jute would not be suitable for bathmats, entryway rugs, or any other area that experiences high humidity. 

2) Look for Unique Design for the Modern Carpet

Modern interior design usually have simple decorations with limited and neutral colors. Interior designers believe that always using a few elements with bold colors and unique designs in such decoration warms the space. Today, there are many different types of modern carpets at the CyrusCrafts online store, which covers every taste well.

3) Stick to the Basics when Choosing a Modern Carpet

It is essential to consider how much traffic your rug will receive when choosing its color and fiber. Wool flat-woven rugs are exceptionally durable and dirt-resistant. Next, you should coordinate your modern rug color scheme with your furniture. If your furniture is a solid hue, you might think about a patterned rug. Conversely, a monochromatic carpet in one of the main colors of your palette works best with patterned furniture.

To coordinate gracefully, ensure that a secondary color in the rug matches critical furniture pieces, such as a sofa. If you are designing a modern-style living room, clean lines are the norm, and the carpet can be the focal point, while modern furnishings are more neutral. Finally, always get a rug pad to ensure your modern carpet stays where you put it.

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4) Retro Rugs; One of the Best Types of Modern Carpets

Inspired by mid-century design with groovy shapes and shaggy textures, these modern retro rugs reflect Scandinavian style straight from the 70s. The decorative retro wave rug combines burgundy reds, grassy greens, sky blues, and soft pinks in elegant swirls and curves.

Whether you're looking for a retro runner rug to brighten up your hallway, a retro area rug to create a focal area in your living room, or something to add color to the bedroom, there are many styles at the Cyruscrafts online store to choose from it.

retro rugs

We literally walk all over our rugs every day, so choosing the right one is crucial when it comes to the comfort and style of your home decoration. With your lifestyle, design preferences, and space in mind, the tips, and guidance above have covered you.

If you are looking for carpets with traditional and classic Persian designs, Cyruscrafts offers you the best collection of traditional rugs and modern carpets.

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