Carpets and rugs have been an undeniable part of interior decoration for many years. They add warmth, comfort, and style to homes, offices, and public spaces worldwide. Although buying a carpet for your home or office can be very amusing, when we talk about a large number, buying one by one takes a lot of time and is not affordable at all. In this situation, the wholesale market plays a vital role in meeting the diverse needs of consumers and businesses in the global market.

In Cyruscrafts, we have provided a platform for wholesale Persian carpets in premium quality and best price. If you are also looking for wholesale Persian carpets for your shop, online shop, or business, continue reading this article to get to know the details of the Cyruscrafts wholesale sale.

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What Is the Wholesale Carpet?

If you are a shopkeeper, business owner, or purchasing Manager, you know what wholesaling is.

Buying wholesale carpets means buying a large number of carpets from one seller. Bulk carpet buying is very common among shopkeepers and business owners because they usually make their purchases in bulk. In the case of Persian carpets, it is more complicated to buy wholesale because handmade carpets are masterpieces of art and originality, and it is not common to buy and sell them in bulk at a reasonable price. But at Cyruscrafts, you can order your Persian carpets directly from the manufacturer easily and have them delivered to your door.

Wholesale Carpet Price

One of the most important reasons many people buy wholesale carpets is their lower price than one-by-one purchases. Although the total price for wholesale carpets is lower, the price of buying wholesale carpets depends on many factors, just like one-by-one purchases. Here are some of the important factors about wholesale carpet prices:

  • Material of carpets
  • Carpets design and pattern
  • Carpets sizes
  • The number of knots and density of carpets
  • Originate of carpets
  • Whether carpets are hand-woven or machine-woven
  • The number of wholesale carpet orders

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Which Wholesale Carpets Are More Suitable for Business?

What kind of carpet is more suitable for wholesale buying and selling? It is a question that many people ask at the beginning of entering the carpet market. In response, we must say that it depends on your purpose and conditions. In general, if you have a lot of capital that you want to invest in the carpet market, buying high-quality handmade carpets in bulk can be a profitable option for you. A hand-woven carpet can have a very high price depending on its features, so if you buy wholesale hand-woven carpets, you can have a profitable price difference between your purchase and sale.

But most people, especially at the start of entering the global carpet market, don't have that much capital. In this case, the best option is machine made carpets or simple handmade kilim rugs.

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Wholesale Machine Made Carpets

Wholesale machine-made carpet has a very reasonable price. Another positive feature is their availability. This means that you can order any number of wholesale machine-made carpets you need. Textile machines weave these carpets, so usually, there is no limit to their weaving with a high number. In addition, sometimes you can even customize the colors of your machine-made carpet.

The low price and good features of machine-made carpets have made them a safe and effortless choice for the carpet business.

Wholesale Kilim Rugs

Handmade Kilim rugs have a much lower price than handmade carpets. The reason for this price distinction is the difference in weaving technique, yarn type, number of knots, thickness and pattern, and design. Kilim rugs, like handmade carpets, are artistic and authentic, so due to their reasonable price, they can be good options for bulk purchases.

CyrusCrafts Rug Chain Stores: North America

CyrusCrafts NA is seriously pleased to show you the evolution of Persian rug chain stores in North America. The mission has always been to bring beauty and craftsmanship of the most exquisite Persian carpet to homes and offices and we are glad we have done this in several key locations. And when it comes to purchasing Persian rugs no one can help you better than a Persian guy

CyrusCrafts Toronto, Ontario Online Rug Store

Since we opened our store a couple of years ago, people who are interested in rugs and the arts in Toronto, Ontario have come to know us well. We offer an enormous stock of runner rugs in Toronto and area rugs in Toronto that match every individual preference.

How to Buy Wholesale Carpets?

To buy wholesale carpet, it is required to go through several stages, which are:

  • Find a reliable supplier
  • Inquiries about supplier products
  • Make sure to have a guarantee for products that can be damaged on the way, such as carpets
  • Communication and agreement with the price and delivery conditions with the supplier
  • Receive wholesale carpets at home

You can count on us to go through all the above steps!

Top Carpet Wholesale Suppliers

Carpet suppliers provide customers with a wide range of machine-made rugs, handmade rugs, Kilim rugs, and Gabbeh rugs. Some of the most famous wholesale Persian carpet suppliers are:

The bad news is that many wholesale carpet suppliers don't have online shops and can't ship worldwide. They only work locally. But we also have good news! You can now register your wholesale carpet orders at the manufacturer's price through the Cyruscrafts online store 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Cyruscrafts has made it possible to buy wholesale carpets at a reasonable price from the best Persian carpet design brands. Also, you can have your wholesale carpets delivered to your home anywhere in the world.

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