Have you ever thought that what if art was only about actual physical performance? Was it brought into the world not by fine detailed work but by the artist's gestures visible on the canvas? Were feeling, emotion and spontaneity more decisive than convention, regulation and reason?

It is Abstract Expressionism Art in the vast world of Painting Artworks.

abstract expressionism

Abstract expressionism is compared primarily to jazz. This American avant-garde movement changed the world of art in the middle of the 20th century. It is even a popular technique for wall mural art.

abstract expressionism art

Characteristics of Abstract Expressionism

Abstract art is anything but monotonous because of its daring color explosions to minimalist impressions, with its vast range of manifestations and stylistic means in the wall art world. However, non-figurative art isn't new because conceptual drawings are found in numerous ancient cultures. We may admire the Indigenous Australian point paintings and sand drawings without understanding their meaning, or Nazca geoglyphs may be marveled at, dating between 800 B.C. and 600 A.D. When viewed from above, Nazca geoglyphs come to life.

abstract expressionism canvas

Yet, the ultra-realistic paintings have long overshadowed abstract art by the Renaissance and those of the following centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century, it came back, thanks to the arrival of some artistic movements. While the Cold War, abstract expressionism, characterized by total freedom to experiment, directly opposed Soviet socialist realism. Some explained it as a propaganda medium for a free, modern, and liberal America.

abstract expressionism canvas painting

As abstract expressionism liberated itself from a general set of rules imposed on art until then, it represented an artistic revolution. Each artwork became an expression of the artist's inner feelings. They've been painting with brushes, spatulas, palms, and even buckets, and canvasses were often placed on the floor to facilitate free physical movements. In his drip approach, Jackson Pollock poured paint directly from the pot onto the canvas, creating random patterns and removing depth of field. As a result of combining the artist's gestures with the interplay between the layers and colors, the final artwork results.

abstract expressionism oil painting

This technique is used today by artists like Iris Lehnhardt. A vintage '50s sideboard or mid-century modern desk looks excellent with Lehnhardt's abstract paintings "Abstract Painting IX" and "Abstract Painting VIII." Her designs also create a warm but elevated mood, combined with more minimalist images.

abstract expressionism artist

Then Mark Rothko represents the other two main currents of abstract expressionism by founding the color field painting technique. This painting also covers the large-format canvas in paint, but flat geometric areas replace dots and splashes. As a result, the textures and the interaction between colors and the space are the subjects of the work. Leigh Viner's "Untitled 2830" and "Untitled 1830" perfectly illustrate this technique: the intensity of the color, combined with the minimalism of the forms, adapts to every apartment, every room, and every picture wall. For a playful, eclectic look, pair them with vintage illustrations, family photographs, and poetic watercolors for a minimalist stand-alone piece.

abstract expressionism wall art

Surrealism and European Cubism have influenced many trends and movements since the 1940s, including abstract art in New York School. The"New Silence" and "Forever Falling" of Tanja Schaub are reminiscent of the cut-out collages and Fauvism of Matisse. This technique's simplified shapes and colors don't correspond to reality. Between blue silhouettes and monochrome flowers, the artist focuses on the contours rather than details, leaving us free to interpret the image according to our ideas.

abstract expressionism artists

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blue abstract expressionism painting

You studied a brief introduction to the great Abstract Expressionism, which generally translates gestures and figures. Please tell us as a comment if you are an abstract or expressionism lover, and share with us your ideas and feelings about abstract expressionism. If you want an abstract or other wall ats on your home gallery wall, don't forget that the CyrusCrafts online store has collected many artworks on this website. They are available to order easily only by filling out the order form. If you live in Canada or the USA, we will deliver your orders at the fastest time, right in front of your house.

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