In an art gallery, the artwork is shown from a collection, usually from the gallery's own building, place, field, or space. Depending on its ownership, it may be public or private, accessible to all, or restricted. Home and wall decor websites are primarily used to host bases that represent fine art. Putting on exhibitions, promoting their artists, and selling artwork design prints and paintings are merely the tip of the iceberg for art galleries. They play both visible and invisible roles: to incubate and support their artists.

Websites focused on home decor and interior design provide ideas for making your house feel like home. Regardless of the look of the house, it should feel soothing and encouraging, as if it is not modern or beautiful, but very cozy. For all that, what is Home Decor?

Home decor is short for Home Decoration. Home and wall decor is the art of making your home look nice and comfortable while also making it feel restful. Home improvement is about enhancing the aesthetics of a property and making it more appealing to the eye. There are many kinds of home and wall decor, including physical items (art and accessories), the placement of items and objects, the color of the room, the materials (flooring, walls, windows, and ceilings), and more. There are numerous styles of home decor. The options of colors, styles of furniture, and arrangement of objects in a room are limitless.
Furthermore, decoration styles can quite vary in different cultures. At this point, we will be talking about home decorations in the USA and Canada.

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Painting Wall Decor

In this article, we will be talking about two subjects... Painting Canvases and Tableau Rugs, are the two main elements of wall decors.

The first subject goes to painting canvas and decor. Canvas is a plain-woven fabric that is remarkably durable and used for many items, including sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, shelters, or as a support for oil paintings, among other uses. Painting canvases can quite vary in both dimension and design, just like those famous paintings such as "The Last Supper", "Fairy Lights", "Starry Night" and… Also some of the best works by famous artists such as "Vincent Van Gogh", "Sherwin Williams", "Jackson Pollock", and "Benjamin Moore".
There are deep canvases that don’t even need a border or frame. Material-wise, cotton canvas, linen canvas, and canvas made from synthetic fibers are the most popular types of canvas. Various types of canvas are available, depending on the use or structure, including stretched canvas, canvas panels, canvas rolls, and canvas pads.
Some consider painting pop canvas easy nowadays, where there are massive sources for the commission of painting, especially the abstract technique! However, that is not true. Acrylic and oil paints work well on canvas because it is sturdy, lightweight, and affordable. It is also archival, yes. But due to the hard-working process and the pattern of the painting, it can be considerably hard to paint on the canvas.
But other than pop canvas paintings, people intend to paint on any surface such as paper, wood, glass, metal, and even ceramic, and the way that artists depict scenes in art has evolved. Over the years, two dominant styles have come to the forefront, the Western and the Eastern style of art. Diving deeper into understanding different painting styles is truly a fascinating study and will give us an insight into the myriad expressions of art, all over the world!

Painting Techniques

There are 6 different techniques of painting... Modernism, Impressionism, Abstract Art, Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism
But maybe the most popular style of eastern painting is the Persian style or, Persian miniature, which became a significant genre in Persian art in the 13th century, receiving Chinese influence after the Mongol conquests, and the highest point in the tradition was reached in the 15th and 16th centuries. The tradition continued, under some Western influence, after this, and has many modern exponents.

These are some samples of Persian miniature and other techniques of the Persian painting style...

 miniature wall art

Tableau Rugs/Pictorial Carpets

The next decorative item we will now be agitating is the Tableau Rug or Pictorial Carpet or just hanging rugs/carpets, which can be rather confusing for ones who have not heard of it before.
An ornamental rug, also known as a Tableau Rug or Pictorial Rug (Tableau Farsh, Persian: تابلو فرش), is usually hung on the walls of rooms and halls for decoration. Unlike a common floor rug, pictorial carpets have totally different designs and samples. Silk is usually the main material of fine quality pictorial rugs, but they also use wool as well. They put Tableau rugs in a frame/border to make them look even better.

motherhood pictorial carpet
People have weaved pictorial rugs exactly the same way as rugs, during the past 2500 years. Due to this fact, there is no difference in quality. But the design and the rug density are the main differences. Picture carpets usually show historical Persian legends, customs, and sometimes nature-based designs, beautiful landscapes, a basket full of flowers, and finally Persian miniature. Among the rest, Persian miniatures are the most famous. Comparing the paintings, tableau rugs are masterpieces of art. Because every detail is woven and knotted by hand instead of being painted.
There are two main types of Tableau rugs. Hand-made (Hand-knotted) and Machine-made rugs/carpets.

Hand-Made Vs Machine-Made Tableau Rugs:

Hand-knotted tableau rugs are those ones that have been knotted by hands, Hand-made tableau rugs are more than just a type of decorative flooring or insignificant wall art. Each piece is a work of art, created by the hands of a skilled weaver. Depending on the size of the rug, a weaver may spend months and sometimes years completing each piece, making one knot at a time by hand. Hand-woven tableau rugs can last more than hundreds of years if treated well. Machine-made tableau rugs on the other hand are extremely cheap, low-effort tableau rugs. They are forged by large machines called power looms which wrap individual fibers around foundation threats and press them together. Depending on the quality of fiber use, they will usually only last about 20 years or less.

hand-made tableau rug can be massively detailed

Canada and America’s Home Decoration

People of Canada and the USA used to buy decorative products locally. Going through the local stores and art galleries to find the most suitable product possible, but today things have changed. Hence, on many occurrences, people now rather select and purchase online. Convenience and ease of use are the main reasons people buy from websites. According to Statista figures, more than 263 million American consumers shop online some 80% of the population and this number is projected to climb to 291.2 million by 2025. The most popular online shopping categories in the US are fashion, media, and electronics.

Online shopping by Canadians in 2020: Results from the Canadian Internet Use Survey. 82 % of Canadians shopped online in 2020, versus 73% in 2018. Canadians spent a total of $ 84.4 billion online, versus $57.4 in 2018. But the minor amount of that belongs to decorative objects, although there are Vancouver prints and painting or prints stores all around the city, they might vary in design and pattern, but the quality would not catch any heart.

Then again, a decorative object store should be very satisfying and should offer the most peculiar items with a fully wrapped and gratifying summary and details of the product. It should have a clear purpose. It should be visually pleasing and easy to navigate. It should also perform well for a wide range of visitors and be technically stable and secure. Good websites are attractive, functional, and useful. Other factors such as colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, safe delivery, and functionality contribute to a good website design. When designing a website many key factors that will contribute to how it is perceived. A well-designed website can help build trust and guide visitors to take action, and of course the delivery. But the main factor of a shopping website is probably the quality of its products.

 American and Canadian wall art

You might have asked yourself that in the past, where are the best shopping bases for paintings and good posters near me?
There are trusted websites for those who intend to select and shop prints, funny prints, paintings, and even tableau rugs in both modern and vintage decorative styles. Which are some of the best posters and paintings stores out there. Some of these websites conclude picture shops, design prints and canvas images shops, artwork shops, tableau rug shops, and a bunch more.
We will now be recommending to you some of these websites that might be of real good use… especially now that we are getting close to Christmas, everyone is looking for outdoor Christmas decors!

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