Suppose you spend considerable time in your kitchen and bathroom. In every home, the kitchen is the heart. Whether you are a chef or a mum whose salmon risotto the kids loved a week ago gets abandoned because the kids are sick of it, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And the bathrooms are places for relaxation, pampering, or hiding to get five minutes of peace. These two are the home areas that are often most neglected when placing a piece of art. But they don't have to be anymore! With any budget, why not use art to create interest and talk points on your bathroom and kitchen walls? The kitchen and bathroom walls have many options, and we share some of the best ideas for bathroom and kitchen art below. The kitchen is a temporary office where we sit and chatter with our friends over tea or wine. So if you spend so much time there, you probably don't want to look at dull, uninspiring, blank walls. People familiar with long soaks in hot baths or indulgent bathroom pampering sessions should apply the same theory. Choosing the right art is a critical final piece of the puzzle in a completed bathroom renovation, and there's no doubt it wouldn't be the same without it. This essay gives tips for adding art in the kitchen and bathroom, the what, the where and the how.

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Best Art for the Bathroom and Kitchen

You don't have to worry about what to display in the kitchen. When displaying your favorite artwork, do not be afraid to show it in your kitchen if that is where you spend the most time. For a layered, attractive look, combine vintage pieces with bold, modern typography and pair them with bold, contemporary pieces. You may combine vintage florals with modern, minimalist typography and the striking gold leaf initial, which connects the other two parts. When layering art, it is better to stick to a limited color palette, so there is a thread that ties each piece together; in this case, you can attach to a line of green, black and gold to echo the kitchen fittings. CyrusCrafts has several valuable artworks at the best prices for you. If interested, you can go powerful and add drama and impact in the bathroom with large-scale pieces.

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Where to Place Artwork in Kitchen and Bathroom

If you're lucky enough to have a big kitchen, creating a gallery wall next to the family dining table would be nice. Adding art pieces to open shelves in the kitchen is also a great idea. Putting art on shelves, especially smaller pieces, is ideal because you can layer different sizes and move them around quickly if you get tired. For plugs and switches, delicate smaller parts between the upper and lower cabinets if you have cabinets on top and bottom. Keep things away from the bath and shower in the bathroom. It is OK to hang above the tub, but place it high enough to avoid splashes and ensure it's fixed securely to the wall. You may display decorative art over the mantelpiece opposite the bath; it adds character and interest to a wall that would otherwise be blank.

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In the kitchen, it is less tricky than in the bathroom; you have more artwork placement options in the kitchen. That is, of course, as long as your best artwork isn't burnable; in this case, be careful not to stick it anywhere near the oven/kettle/toaster. As long as your favorite piece is behind glass, you can wipe away a stray blob of Bolognese sauce with no problem, and even vintage oil paintings are surprisingly resilient. However, we wouldn't recommend you display your best artwork in the bathroom. Bathrooms contain a lot of moisture and steam, so it isn't the ideal environment for your prized possession. You'd better choose lower-cost items that can be quickly and inexpensively replaced if they get water/steam damage over time.

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How to Add Artwork to the Kitchen or Bathroom

Keep the windows and doors open to let your bathroom artwork breathe whenever possible and keep the humidity at bay. Doing this will keep the steam build-up to a minimum, and your artwork will stay healthy. Good extractor fans help too. It is better to use Plexi instead of glass in the bathroom just in case of accidents. Try looking for something playful that suggests the kitchen is where the whole family gathers. But for the bathroom, a selection of abstract art in the bathroom is proper for bath time.

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You just read the article about what kind of artwork is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, what points are better to use, and how to display a piece of art in the bathroom or kitchen. If you want to learn how to choose suitable artwork sizes for any wall in the home, you can read the "bedroom wall decor" article. Please share your valuable ideas with us as a comment. It is easy to have proper artwork for your kitchen or bathroom. The CyrusCrafts store website is ready to serve you with its unique products at the best prices, primarily in the USA and Canada. You should only choose your favorite piece of art and fill out its order form to get it delivered quickly.

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