Art is a manifestation of the human spirit. Without art and artwork, life becomes meaningless. Using all kinds of arts and enjoying them gives people peace and helps them overcome the challenges of everyday life more easily. For example, listening to music can calm us down when nervous.
When we come home tired from work, being in a house where works of art are located removes fatigue from our souls and minds. Therefore, we can invite art and the beneficial effects of art to our home or office by creating a gallery wall at home or work. You can mix and match art pieces to create a focal point in the interior design and make the interior decoration unique.

gallery wall frames

What is Gallery Wall?

A gallery wall is a creative and personalized collection of framed wall art, paintings, photos, posters, and other artworks hanging near each other on a wall. Gallery wall ideas and designs have become very popular in recent years.
The gallery wall is one of the convenient and low-cost ways to create diversity and change in interior design. The gallery wall plays a vital role in making the interior design of your home or office unique. As such, you need to be cautious when choosing its components.
Gallery walls are small art galleries that we create in our homes or offices on one wall. Our guests and customers can see our unique art gallery, understand our interests, and get to know us better. Also, with the help of the gallery wall, we can create an intimate space for them to feel comfortable.

gallery wall art

What to Hang on Gallery Wall?

In the eyes of the general public, the gallery wall only includes photos, canvas paintings, and digital art prints; But in fact, whatever we see in an art gallery can be one of the elements of our home gallery. This section introduces the types of art you can use to create a beautiful gallery wall.
Here is a list of items you can hang on a gallery wall:

  • Paintings including canvas paintings, Persian miniature paintings, relief paintings, abstract, watercolor paintings, etc.,
  • Photos
  • Calligraphy
  • Decorative plates
  • Framed wall rugs
  • Plants
  • And any framed pieces of art that are hangable.

what to hang on gallery wall

Painting for Hang on Gallery Wall

Paintings, individually or as a group, always add beauty to the interior space. The variety of painting styles and techniques is endless, from all kinds of canvas painting styles to paintings on paper that we can frame and use. Still, this section only gives examples of some of the best suggestions for having a beautiful gallery wall.

gallery wall paintings

  • Persian Miniature Painting: It is the best offer for a unique gallery wall. Persian miniature painting is a style of painting in which the painter depicts minor details with numerous colors with minor brushes. Persian miniature paintings are one of a kind, so you can have a unique piece of art forever by buying one.

gallery wall designs with Persian miniature painting

  • Relief Paintings: Relief paintings are the trend today, but note that for a gallery wall, one or at most two texture paintings are enough; This means that not all of your gallery wall art should be relief paintings.

relief painting for gallery wall

  • Abstract: One of the famous painting styles is the abstract style, which has a wide variety due to its low technical limitations. Install one or more abstract paintings in different sizes on a gallery wall. Nowadays, minimal abstracts are very popular, and you can use them in minimalist or modern interior designs.

abstract paintings for gallery wall

  • Watercolor Paintings: watercolor paintings are very delicate and eye-catching. A watercolor painting can make your gallery wall gentle and soulful. You can beautify a floor-to-ceiling with a lovely color palette.
    One of the features of watercolor paintings for gallery walls is that you can choose all the paintings for your unique gallery wall from watercolor paintings. In other words, you can design a gallery wall with all the works installed on it in the style of watercolor painting.

watercolor paintings for gallery wall

Photo Wall as Gallery Wall

A photo wall, also known as a photo gallery wall, is one type of gallery wall. Only photographs should be installed in this kind of gallery. Photo walls can be a collection of family photos, fine art photos, photos of different landscapes, or photos taken on your various trips.
There is no limit to your photo wall photos' size, number, or subject. With creativity and familiarity with photography techniques, you can take unique photos and place them on your unique gallery wall.

photo wall

Calligraphy for Hanging on Gallery Walls

Undoubtedly, calligraphy is an artwork whose presence on your gallery wall will make it unique. Calligraphy always goes in fashion, and you can order it so that the artist writes any sentence, poem, or word that you like beautifully on the board.
Interestingly, calligraphy is one of the most famous works of Islamic wall art. Due to the variety of calligraphy styles, you can create infinite unique calligraphy artworks and thus have fantastic wall art.

calligraphy for gallery wall design

Wall Rugs to Hang on Gallery Wall

Yes, as mentioned earlier, the gallery wall ideas are not limited to painting and photography artworks. Still, you can use any artwork installed on the wall to design your beautiful gallery wall. Imagine how attractive a wall rug can be among some photos and paintings on a wall.
You can even count on using rug hangers for the wall. Hang many area rugs of different sizes on the wall and have a gallery wall of all kinds of carpets.

gallery wall design with rugs

Decorative Plates for Gallery Walls

Wall plates have many fans, especially in vintage, classic, and maximalist interior design styles. You can use all kinds of decorative plates in different sizes on the wall and install them according to a specific pattern or scattered on the wall. You can also place wall plates between paintings or photos.

gallery wall design with decorative plates

Other Wall Hanging Items for Gallery Walls

Many decorative items are designed to be installed on the wall. You can use some of these items in your wall art gallery. Wall mirrors and collage art are among the most commonly used items.
Still, there are no restrictions or special rules, and you can install any beautiful and artistic object or any popular and memorable device on the wall with the help of your creativity. Always be in the presence of you and your guests.

gallery wall art decor

Frames for Gallery Wall

The dimensions of the frames installed on the wall depend a lot on the wall you want. For example, large wall art is unsuitable for small walls, but keep it manageable if you have to use it on a small wall. In general, if your house is small, use small frames.
Gallery wall frames can all have the exact dimensions or be in different dimensions; If you use frames with the exact dimensions and regular arrangement in rows and columns with equal distances for your gallery wall, you will have a composite tiles gallery wall.

wall picture frames

Gallery Wall Designs for Different Interior Styles

There are gallery wall designs suitable for any interior design style. Coordinating the gallery wall with other interior design elements can make it look more pleasant and give more accord to the residents.
You can get exciting ideas for having a unique interior design by reading the creative interior design blog post. Creating a creative gallery wall can make your creative interior design unique.

what is gallery wall

Gallery Wall Design for Minimalist Interiors

Modernist design, both in style and clothes and interior design, has become a trend with many fans. The minimalist style is to reduce details and removes unnecessary elements. To fully understand this style in interior design, you can read the minimalist house design page.
Minimalism in art also means removing details, so if you are interested in minimalist interior design, you can design a gallery wall with a collection of minimalist paintings and photos with minimal frames.

minimalist gallery wall

Designing Gallery Wall for Modern Interior Style

In the style of modern interior design, simplicity while beauty is the priority, but this does not mean that there is no luxury in this style, but there is enough luxury and glamor. Being modern doesn't mean being modern; modern elements have no place in modern style.
Therefore, reading "modern interior design" can fully understand this style. To design a modern gallery wall, one of the best choices is to choose sleek but straightforward metal frames. Also, the frames in which the artwork is suspended are very suitable for the modern style.

modern gallery wall

Gallery Wall Designs for Classic Style Interiors

Both in the style of clothes and interior design is a style that will always be used. A gallery wall for a classic interior design requires using wooden or metal patterned frames; wooden panels are good options for creating a gallery wall in a classic interior design.

classic wall gallery

Gallery Wall for Vintage Interior Design

The beautiful vintage style always has its fans. We have minor restrictions in choosing items for our gallery wall in this style. For a vintage-style interior design, we can fill the gallery wall with large and small items with little spacing without worrying about a crowded appearance.

vintage gallery wall

Which Wall is Proper for Designing a Gallery Wall?

Choosing gallery wall art items depends not only on the interior design style but also on the location of the wall. Because every part of the home or office has limitations, opportunities, and challenges, choosing suitable artwork can perfect the space, and choosing the wrong options can have more challenges.
The best walls for designing a gallery wall are a living room wall in front of the TV, one of the drawing room walls, a staircase wall, bedroom walls, and a wall in your office behind or beside your desk.
In the following, we will examine the parts of the house that people usually consider the gallery wall for those parts, and then we will discuss the suitable gallery wall for the office.

gallery wall designs

Design Your Unique Gallery Wall in the Living Room

Living rooms are usually the most significant part of any house, so if we choose one of the living room walls to turn into a gallery wall, we will have more space. In this case, you can use more extensive wall art and put enough distance between them.
The importance of wall art for living rooms is so much that we have already talked about choosing wall art for the living room in a blog post.

gallery wall for living room

Drawing Room, a Proper Place for Designing a Gallery Wall

The drawing room is a room for guests to rest and wait for the owner to come, So what can be better than a gallery wall in the drawing room for exciting and entertaining guests? If you have a drawing room in your home, our interior design experts advise you to make a gallery wall.

drawing room gallery wall

Designing Gallery Wall on Staircase Wall

The staircase walls are among the best places to create a gallery wall. The staircase design can end in the architectural design of the staircase, but apart from a beautiful architectural design, it can also be made more beautiful with decorative items. So about the location, Be sure to include the staircase in the gallery wall as one of the options.

gallery wall for staircase

Bedroom for Your Private Gallery Wall Design

A gallery wall for the bedroom can contain photos you would like to see every day but want to avoid exposing to the public, such as memorable photos of romantic moments in your life. You can also use a gallery wall, including soothing pictures of natural landscapes with relaxing colors in the design of the bedroom walls so that you can relax by looking at them while resting.

family photo wall

Design Gallery Wall for Your Office

An excellent idea for a gallery wall for the office is to show minimalist paintings or any other style to describe your job goals. Of course, there is no limit to office wall art; you can use relaxing images, memorable images, exciting decorations, and any other creative element in your office.

gallery wall for office

This post briefly overviews all the details you should know before designing a gallery wall. Still, if you want to use something other than nails, you can hang wall art without nails. Ultimately, there is no compulsion or law for your home art gallery; you can create any innovation in the space with your creativity.

black and white gallery wall

If you have any ideas or experience regarding gallery wall design, share them with us by adding a comment. Remember that its specialized collection of Cyrus has provided you with valuable and unique works of art so you can design your gallery wall at the best price anywhere in the world.

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