The mural is one of the earliest art forms in history, known as Petroglyphs. But if we want to talk about its history, it would take a lot of time, so let's pay attention only to the definitions. Wall Mural Art is a form of pictorial art in that its artist draws on interior walls, public places, or vehicles like trains. If the artwork is a script with unusual fonts, it is a Graffiti Wall Mural.
In this blog post, you first read about two famous kinds of mural art: mural painting and graffiti wall art. Then you will see the most famous mural artists, mural painting and graffiti wall art ideas, and a lovely place for tourists famous for its murals.

wall mural art

mural ideas

Simple Mural Painting

A simple mural is a painting the artist makes on a wall, ceiling, vehicle, etc., primarily 3d and carrying a concept, and most people know it as street art. Some think graffiti wall mural is a branch of Mural Painting, but it takes work to say so.
Mural painting and graffiti art have similarities as they are seen in public places, their dimensions are significant, they carry messages, etc., but they are different in basics. We are going to compare them after defining Graffiti wall art.

simple mural painting

mural paintingsGraffiti Wall Art

Graffiti is a written art with primarily a controversial concept. Graffiti wall mural artists write messages in an attractive style to catch people's attention. From the emersion of graffiti wall art, artists have merged it with mural painting and created graffiti mural art.

graffiti wall art

graffiti art

Graffiti Mural

A graffiti mural combines simple mural painting with graffiti wall art and is usually done with spray paint. Graffiti Wall Mural is the most extended form of graffiti wall art. As mentioned, graffiti art differs from mural painting, which we broadly know as street art. Let's make a brief comparison in the next session.

graffiti mural

graffiti mural art

Graffiti vs. Street Art

The first and most apparent difference between graffiti and street art is that graffiti is written, and street art is painting. Still, there are more significant differences: first is that graffiti is illegal or without permission of the owner of the place, and street painting is legal; second, street art painters are paid money, but graffiti artists make their art for free.

graffiti vs street art

graffiti vs mural painting

Ihwa Mural Village

There is a lovely area in Seoul that contains many mural artworks. Ihva mural village, as it is clear from its name, is famous for its wall mural art paintings. If you want mural and graffiti wall art ideas, visit Seoul on a joyful holiday. Of course, you can visit fantastic mural paintings on most streets if you live in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, or Canada.

Ihwa mural village

Mural Artists

Despite graffiti artists that are unknown and anonymous, mural painting artists are known, and some are so famous because of their art or being a pioneer in a technique of mural.
Kobra, Banksy, Combo, Keith Haring, Bambi, and Shepard Fairey possibly are the most renowned mural artists. But, according to most people, Diego Rivera is the most celebrated street art pioneer.

mural artists

mural painting artists

Diego Rivera Mural

Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo's husband, was a Mexican mural painter known in 1920-1930 for his giant wall paintings on Mexico's history and culture. He believed that all people need to see and enjoy art.

Diego Rivera mural

Wall Mural Art Applications

What are the uses of mural art? Most usages of mural art are in public places but are applicable in homes, offices, or any indoor space. For example, there are street murals, home murals, and murals in churches.

wall mural

tunnel murals

Street Murals

You may see street murals daily in your town; they are made to beautify the streets, spread some good vibes, notify rural regulations, etc.

street murals

street mural art

Wall Murals for Bedroom

Do you need help designing a small bedroom? You can make it look bigger with 3d wall mural ideas for bedrooms. Moreover, you can have a ceiling mural on your bed to get drowned in its concept and meditate while resting after a busy day.
In addition to bedrooms, you can apply mural ideas on an accent wall for the dining room to specialize your home decor.

bedroom mural ideas

wall murals for bedroom

Wall Murals for Living Room

There are fantastic ideas for living room murals. Decorating with white walls is easy, but having murals in the living room makes your home wall decor unique forever. Additionally, you can leave three walls white but get the fourth painted in a fantastic mural design. Moreover, there are graffiti wallpaper murals for the interior designs.

living room mural ideas

wall murals for living room

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