Wall tiles are the most popular option for covering a kitchen wall, among all wall covering methods such as wall panels, paint, bricks, etc., because cleaning tiles is so easy.
Moreover, kitchen wall tiles are so versatile that if one decides to apply tiles for the kitchen, there are unlimited options in colors, sizes, materials, etc.
In the following, you see trendy kitchen wall tile designs ideas.

kitchen wall tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

This blog post reviews trendy kitchen wall tiles designs, such as modern, ceramic, self-adhesive, and splashback tiles, and helps you choose between thousands of eye-catching tiles for your unique kitchen. So read the following before choosing and buying kitchen wall tiles. Here you go with the best kitchen wall tiles ideas:

Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Most contemporary and modern kitchen wall tiles are simple. It means that modern kitchen wall tiles have fewer patterns and usually are monochrome. Modern kitchen wall tiles suit homes with contemporary or modern interior designs.

modern kitchen wall tiles

Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Some interior designers want to cover only a portion of kitchen walls with tiles and prefer splash tiles for the space between the up and down cupboards. Splashback or kitchen backsplash tiles make a focal point on the kitchen walls and help the cupboards seem tidier.
The splashback doesn't need to be a set of tiles; big splashbacks are made of stone, porcelain, wood, PVC, etc.
If you have a white kitchen without floor tiles and with stainless steel kitchen cabinets, backsplash tiles will make it flawless.

kitchen splashback tiles

Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean. They are the oldest kitchen wall tiles in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, etc. Most ceramic tiles are glossy, but nowadays, gorgeous matt ceramic tiles for kitchens catch every eye. CyrusCrafts interior design specialists recommend you use matt ceramic tiles for kitchens of modern classic homes.

ceramic tiles for kitchen

Sticky Wall Tiles for Kitchen

Self-adhesive or sticky wall tiles are one of the latest trends in kitchen tiles. They are easy to attach for everyone. Stick them to the wall with little time or energy. Sticky wall tiles for the kitchen are usually budget-friendly, and you can buy them at a low price. The other advantage of sticky wall tiles is that you can easily change them whenever you tire.

sticky wall tiles for kitchen

Brick Tiles for Kitchen

Brick tiles are among the most popular kitchen tiles; they always stay in style and look beautiful. Most brick tiles are brown, white, or cream, but there are other colors in the market, and you can find them easily. You can also use brick wall tiles for bedrooms because they are perfect for every part of the home.
One of the loveliest and latest kitchen wall tiles trends is brick tiles with a herringbone pattern. Herringbones are not patterned tiles but simple tiles created in a herringbone arrangement. On the other hand, there are subway tiles for kitchens that always stay fashionable and out of fashion.

brick tiles for kitchen

Kitchen Wall Tiles Colors

There is an unlimited range of colors for kitchen wall tiles, from black and with to colorful, detailed tiles. Choose the color that makes you feel fresh in a gentle harmony with the cupboards and walls color. If you live in a cold climate, use warm colors to feel warm; if you live in a warm climate, use cold color kitchen tiles.
Moreover, if the kitchen walls are white, you can read the "Decorating with White Walls" blog post to get more information about how to choose the most proper wall tiles for white walls.

black and white kitchen wall tiles

Have you enjoyed the kitchen wall tiles ideas? As you see, there is a wide range of tiles for kitchen walls that you can choose according to your budget, favorite colors, home interior design style, etc. So it is totally up to you and the money you can invest. Please share your ideas and opinions about this subject as comments and ask us any questions you have about the subject.
After all, if you want to change the kitchen wall tiles only because you feel like changing the decoration to get rid of a dull kitchen, you don't have to spend lots of money on kitchen wall tiles; you can make significant changes with small amounts of money. You can surf our website and find your favorite decorative items.
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