Decorative wall panels are considered a type of prefabricated wall based on different materials. Decorative wall panel types are so varied and have many advantages, and today in this blog post, we want to discuss the most trendy wall panels.

decorative wall panels

What Is A Decorative Wall Panel?

The wall panel is a decorative structure with a prominent and three-dimensional view. In addition to the ornamental aspect, it is also functional in the form of sound, moisture, and temperature insulation. Using a patterned wall panel, you can have a professional patterned decoration. This decorative item is used in both internal and external parts of the building.

decorative wall panels

Decorative Panels Advantages

Wall panels have many advantages, the most important of which are:

      1. Acoustic (sound) insulation
      2. Heat and moisture insulation
      3. Easy and hygienic washing
      4. Environmentally friendly technology
      5. Variety in material, color, pattern, and design
      6. Easy and fast installation

which panel is best for wall

Which Panel is Best for the Wall?

There are two-dimensional and three-dimensional wall panels if we want to distinguish them according to their dimensions. But 2D wall panels look like big posters or wallpaper, so they are unpopular. Still, 3D wall panels are one of today's interior design trends. So let's get familiar with three-dimensional decorative wall panels, the best type of panels for the wall.

decorative panel

3D Wall Panels

A three-dimensional wall panel is a processed product, easy to make from different materials. 3D wall panels are waterproof, fire-resistant, easy to install using glue, and can be painted in any color. The 3D effect on the wall represents a view that adds charm and complexity to any space.
Don't doubt that a 3d wall panel can make a house a dreamy home. In the following, we introduce the best types of three-dimensional wall coverings, which are presented according to the functional space, cost, and your taste so that you can make the right choice with more knowledge.

three dimension wall panels

Decorative Wood Panel

Wooden wall coverings, or wood walls, are eco-friendly 3D panels made of natural wood. The woodcarvings and designs make it suitable and ideal for every interior design style. MDF wall panels are solid and durable enough, and the only thing you need to worry about is that they are not moisture-resistant. But since they are painted, they last well. Apply a wooden wall panel to your stylish office decor and enjoy the charm.

decorative wood panel

Gypsum Wall Panel

Gypsum wall coverings can be produced in many designs and painted in different colors. This wall panel is cheap and non-flammable and has various versions. Gypsum wall panels are one of the best modern classic interior design options. The privilege of three-dimensional plaster wall covering is their low impact resistance.

gypsum wall panel

Concrete Wall Panel

3D concrete panels are easily cut and installed. This product is made of mineral composite panels and looks like real concrete. Concrete panels are completely fixed next to each other to form a modern structure on the wall. Be careful not to use concrete wall panels in a classic home.

concrete wall panel

Polymeric Wall Panel

A polymeric wall panel is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Natural and organic shapes inspire the designs used in this product. Don't worry about hanging things on wall panels because you can hang wall art without nails.

polymeric wall panel

Leather Wall Panel

3D leather panels are effective in creating a luxurious look. They are also used to cover the conference room door or meeting halls. Sound insulation and moister resistance are its advantages, and the reason for this is the holes in the foam inside the leather wall covering.
Most leather decorative wall panels are made of PU leather, high-quality artificial leather. The 3D leather wall panel has a fixed texture and is easy to clean, and it is a good option for classic-style office spaces and lobbies. You don't need to worry about leather wall panels' maintenance unless you haven't read "how to take care of leather."

leather wall panel

PVC Wall Panel

PVC is the cheapest material available for producing 3D panels. It has high flexibility in executing various prominent designs on the panels. PVC is resistant to sunlight, has the slightest color change, and is resistant to moisture, washing, and the durability of fingerprints. In addition to their diversity and unique beauty, PVC decorative panels coverings are very light and high quality.

pvc wall panel

Sticky Wall Panels

Sticky wall panels or "peel and stick"s are inexpensive and easy to attach to any wall. They have a wide variety, and you can change them easily whenever you get tired of the design or color and decide to redecorate. Sticky wall panels are best for shelved walls, especially for adhering behind office bookshelves.

peel and stick wall panels

sticky wall panels

As you can see, there are different types of decorative wall panels with various features. They are available in the market for any budget you have. When choosing your favorite wall panel, consider the room's interior design style, space, application, and other factors that matter to you. Remember that using a wall panel does not mean you can't have any wall art on a wall panel; you can design a gallery wall either on a wall panel.

decorative wooden wall panel

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