Have you ever wondered why Instagram and Pinterest pictures show home decor as effortlessly cool, but it doesn't look that way when you try it at home? Do you want to accessorize your home or workplace like a pro? Do you think having a perfect interior design needs money? 

professional interior design

How to Accessorize Professionally

The answers to all your questions about professional interior design are here. Accessorizing like a professional is easy when you follow these eight tips. 

1. Determining a Style Helps You Choose Easier

Too many options will make you darned when you purchase home decor accessories. Once you decide on the main style of the room's interior design, many vast options go away, so it would be easier to make a decision. For example, the suitable items for a modern interior design differ from a vintage interior design style's decorative items.

2. There's no Need to Live in a Picture

For one simple reason: you live in a house, not a picture. That's why those Pinterest-perfect decors often look better than your own. Things should look pretty, but they should also be livable. We don't live in a showroom; the home interior design should be user-friendly at first. So, a modern sofa set suffices.

hall interior design

3. You don't have to buy all trendies

Decorate your home with family objects, artwork, souvenirs, and homemade items rather than trinkets and frills. Trends are significant, but items with a story give a house character. Flowers, candles, and rugs, too, by the way. Your creativity is one of the influential factors in the decoration you do. Creative interior designs cost low and don't go out of fashion soon.

4. There is no limitation

In terms of what works and what doesn't, there are no rules. You can do whatever you want, as long as you like it, right? Color combinations and prints that are different. Trying is the key. You can accomplish a lot with a bit of courage. You do not have to limit yourself to one style; you can combine different interior design styles. For example, combining contemporary and modern interior design styles seems to be a good idea. Another good example is combining classic with modern decoration to achieve a modern classic interior design.

creative decoration

5. Don't forget the walls

You Don't have to vast lots of money on wallpapers; it is enough to attach wall art to only one of the walls. That wall hanging could be a simple mirror or an excellent artwork like a wall rug or Persian miniature painting. Moreover, if you are interested in art, you can make a lovely gallery wall in the room and place all of your favorite art pieces on it.

home gallery wall

6. Stool: an excellent accessory

In addition to serving as side tables and bedside tables, stools can also be used for presentations, extra seating, or extraordinary items. Moving them around the house is easy and can beautify the useless corners. Footstools are very useful in every home. A footstool beside a stylish sofa set would make it perfect.

leatherette footstool

7. Plants, if you are not allergic

Apartment plants can bring the soul of life to your home. They are not very expensive, and all people with any budget can have a plant. The only limitation of apartment plants is that you may have allergies to them; in that case, you can buy a beautiful decorative vase and enjoy synthetic flowers.

plants for living room

8. Area Rugs 

An area rug can make the decoration warm. For example, if you want to warm up grey decorations, a beautiful area rug can help you. Don't forget about the prices; if you can't afford a handmade carpet, today, there are machine-made carpets that are as pretty as handmade ones. If it's hard to decide about the rug, here is how to choose a rug for contemporary interiors.

rug for bedroom

What you just read was only eight items of noncountable options for you to do and achieve professional interior decoration. So we hope you can share your creative and valuable ideas in the comments. Please visit the CyrusCrafts online shop website to see our beautiful, unique home accessories, most of which are handmade artworks by Iranian design professionals. If you like and want one of our products, you can quickly fill out the order form to get it delivered to your home in Canada and the USA. We are always here to give you the services that you deserve.

Asian Art & Memento

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