Most merchants worldwide are looking for bulk purchases of Iranian pistachios because of their quality and variety. Iranian pistachios are generally divided into two categories: elongated and round and each of these categories includes different items. For example, Akbari pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami are classified as elongated pistachios, which are used for export to a specific country based on their appearance and price differences. Also, hazelnut and goat's head pistachios are classified in the round category, and goat's head pistachios are larger and more expensive than hazelnut pistachios. The bulk purchase of Iranian pistachios through the pistachio market is mostly Ahmad Aghaei type and, in some cases, Akbari pistachios. The volume of major purchases of this product through Iran is very high. In recent years, Iranian pistachios have become one of the most important export products because of the high demand all over the world for this product.

The wholesale of Iranian pistachios in Asia, Europe, and America is possible in the Cyruscrafts pistachio market. Cyruscrfts Group is ready to cooperate with traders worldwide, especially in Canada and the United States, to export various pistachios at reasonable prices.

wholesale of Iranian pistachios

The most Important Export Figures of Iranian Pistachios

Iran is one of the world's largest pistachio producers, ranking second in production. The following figures have the largest share of Iran's export market:

  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei
  • Ram head pistachios
  • Hazelnut pistachio
  • Almond pistachio

These figures have the largest share of Iran's export market. There is no doubt that buying pistachios from a reliable pistachio market is the best way to buy them wholesale. People worldwide care more about the beautiful appearance and taste of food. Therefore, good-looking pistachios with green-colored kernels and excellent taste are popular in this country. Therefore, the most suitable country for buying pistachio is Iran.

Raw and Roasted Pistachios Wholesale 

Since pistachios are often used alongside various beverages worldwide, the consumption of high-salt pistachios is very popular.

For this reason, most orders for wholesale pistachios exported from Iran to other Asian, European, and American countries relate to salted pistachios.

Of course, some pistachio activists in Canada and the United States, who have the necessary experience and facilities in roasting and processing, buy pistachios raw from Iran.

But if you're looking for a reliable pistachio market to buy pistachios in bulk, Cyruscrafts is the best option for wholesale buyers worldwide. By buying wholesale pistachios at below-market prices, customers can benefit from our special discounts on this tasty nut! The key to success in this thriving market is providing quality products and selling pistachios in beautiful, standard packaging at the best prices.

Wholesale Purchase of Iranian Export Pistachios

The best way to export pistachios to world markets is to buy Iran's exported pistachios in bulk. In this way, the companies operating in pistachio exports buy a significant amount of this dried fruit from gardeners and pistachio growers and send a significant amount of exported pistachios to the applicant countries annually. 

Iranian pistachios have been exported worldwide for so long that stores have been opened in different countries to distribute this delicious dried fruit directly. Iranian export pistachios are also in high demand. Neighboring countries are also importing them in large quantities. The most important foreign customers who register a significant demand for the bulk purchase of Iran's exported pistachios are the countries of the Persian Gulf and European countries.

bulk Iranian pistachio

The Advantages of Buying Wholesale Pistachios

You can find centers for the wholesale purchase of nuts in all the countries and cities that produce these snacks. The price per kilogram will be low if you buy them in bulk, but naturally, it depends on where they're grown. The wholesale purchase price of exported pistachios in the form of Akbari pistachios, Kaleh Ghochi pistachios, Ahmed Aghaei pistachios, etc., the price of export pistachios in the form of pistachio nuts and different types of this dry fruit are also different.

For instance, you can order wholesale prices of sorted export pistachios for less than 100 thousand tomans per kilo. The sales conditions depend on the buyer's order; in some cases, you must purchase a certain amount, and others allow individual purchases. The most important benefits of bulk purchasing exported pistachios are lower costs and easier transportation.  

What are the Characteristics of a Good Export Pistachio?

Suppose you intend to buy the wholesale purchase of Iranian pistachios. If so, you must know the characteristics of high-quality export pistachios and distinguish between low-quality types. High-quality pistachios are those that do not have an unnatural smell and color. The taste of pistachios is completely pleasant and natural, and they have a special aroma. The skin of the pistachio should not be stained or have an undesirable appearance and break.

The pistachio kernel placed inside the shell should be proportional to the shell in terms of dimensions and size. All these issues are effective in packing pistachios for export. This is because when the packages are prepared and the weight of the standard pistachio packages is measured, if the pistachios are of poor quality, they will make the appearance of the package look unfavorable inside the box.

Wholesale Sales of all kinds of Pistachios and Nuts by Cyruscrafts Company

One of the active companies in the field of exporting all kinds of pistachios, pistachio kernels, pistachio powder, and all kinds of nuts to Asia, Europe, and America is Cyruscrafts Group. Exports of Iranian products, such as Iranian snacks, rugs, and handicrafts, are the main activity of this collection.  

In the Cyruscrafts Company, pistachio nuts for export are packed safe and secure packaging. In addition, as one of the activists in the field of Iranian nuts, our company is ready to cooperate with pistachio sellers all over the world, especially in Canada and the United States.

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