The authentic Oriental rug is a heavy pile-woven rug constructed by hand. Although there doesn’t seem to be any indication of just how long they’ve been around, in the 1940s, a Russian archaeologist found the oldest Oriental rug that was still intact. The rug, known as the Pazyryk rug, has been dated back to the 5th century BCE and was a Persian rug.

Historical records show that the Achaemenian court of Cyrus the Great at Pasargadae was decked with magnificent rugs. This was over 2500 years ago.

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Traditional rugs have often been described as artworks. These rugs are artworks to look at, and like any fine artwork, these too appreciate with the passage of time. Throughout their history, you will find that each rug's value keeps increasing. The older the rug, the more expensive it is likely to be. This is because the colors mature with time, giving the whole rug a mellowed look that no new rug is likely to have.

What Are the Characteristics of the Oriental Carpet?

Simply put, an oriental rug is any carpet hand-knotted in Asia. Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, Pakistan rugs, Turkey rugs, Indian rugs, Russian rugs, Tibet rugs, and Afghanistan rugs are examples of oriental rugs. It should be noted that the most exquisite, high quality and most popular type of oriental carpet is the Persian rug.

Oriental rugs are always entirely woven by hand. A rug made by machines in these regions is not called an Oriental rug, even if it has the same colors and design as one made by hand. Sure they look fabulous, with striking patterns and stunning colors, but they cannot be called 'oriental rugs.' Oriental rugs are exclusively hand-woven. Of course, note that not every handmade rug is an oriental carpet!

The pattern, palette, and weave of each rug are uniquely linked with the culture of the indigenous people, and the weaving techniques used to produce each rug are specific to certain geographical areas or nomadic tribes. Typically, the more floral designer pattern, the more urban the area in which it was made, whereas a more geometric pattern would be more likely to be from a tribe. What is the

The Difference Between An Oriental Rug and A Persian Rug

The difference between Persian and Oriental rugs can sometimes be difficult to discern. Natural wool fibers, ancient and intricate designs, great artistry, and durability make them extremely popular rugs. Over time, both types of rugs increase in value. Besides, both types of rugs have been handcrafted. You can enjoy them for many years, and they will bring you happiness and elegance.

You can identify Persian rugs by the design details they typically have in common. Outer borders surround the rug, followed by thicker inner borders and thinner inner borders. The center of the rug usually has an elegant medallion that's surrounded by small, intricate patterns. You can usually see these carpets in the form of blue oriental rugs, red oriental rugs or green oriental rugs. They're also generally ideal for sophisticated and traditional home styles.

Both rugs are hand-knotted on looms. Oriental rugs are tied with symmetrical smaller knots and denser piles. Persian rugs feature higher knot counts and are knotted using an asymmetrical knot.

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Why Are Oriental Rugs So Expensive?

There are many reasons why this type of rug is so expensive. Below are some things that will help you understand the basics:

  • Time  of Weaving Oriental Rugs

Think about what that really means for a handmade rug. From sourcing materials to weaving every single knot, it’s all done by hand. The result of this is time. It takes time to weave a rug. It’s like knitting, x1000. Some take months, and others take years.

  • The Material Used in Oriental Rug

The material used in the oriental hand-woven carpet, especially the exquisite Iranian Silk carpets, has always been popular. Oriental quality carpet lasts for years without rotting or fading. The materials used in these traditional carpets are completely natural and herbal and do not cause allergies. The use of silk thread in oriental carpets is both because of their unique beauty and because of their properties and advantages over other carpets.

  • Oriental One of a kind Rug

Every handmade rug is one of a kind rug. No two will ever be the same. Sometimes a pair will be made at the same time, so they will look very similar. But if you look closely, you’ll see differences.

oriental rug

Real Oriental Rug vs. Counterfeit Rug: Tips for Determining Authenticity of Oriental Rugs

Distinguishing an oriental carpet from a fake carpet is a specialized task that requires special skills and knowledge. But in this part of the article, we mention some general points about genuine carpets to help you choose and buy your favorite carpet:

  • The uniqueness of Oriental Rugs

Every handmade oriental carpet is a unique piece. Even if a certain design is repeated, an experienced weaver will not be able to repeat it by 100%. It is therefore essential to take caution if a rug comes in different sizes or quantities. Traditionally, a certain Oriental rug is not knotted in different sizes but exists only once. This is precisely where the charm and character of a hand-knotted rug lie. 

  • The  Symmetry of Oriental Rugs

In general, it can be said that no hand-woven rug is entirely symmetrical. On the one hand, there will always be some unevenness in shape. On the other hand, the design of one-half of the carpet cannot be mirrored exactly. A weaver sits on a carpet for months and cannot repeat small details or ornaments. Therefore, the perfect carpet is not the original carpet.

  • The Fringes of Oriental Rugs

A genuine Oriental rug has no sewn-on fringes. Fringes are an integral part of the carpet since they form the ends of the warp yarns. If you see that the rug's fringes have been sewn on, it is probably not an authentic oriental rug.

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