Hanging shelves have opened their places through decorative items in homes and workspaces. Nowadays, as apartments get smaller because of the increase in population, small decorations with practical usages have found many fans, especially in the United States and Canada. In this post, you will see different types of hanging shelves, their applications, and decoration ideas with a hanging rack.

hanging shelves

Hanging Shelves Types

There are two primary types of hanging shelves: wall-hanging and wall-mounted shelves. Both should be attached to the wall, but one is hanging using nails or bands, and the other is stacked to the wall using glue or drill. Here, you go with the applications of both hanging shelf types.

hanging shelves types

Wall-Hanging Shelves

Wall-hanging shelves are suitable for placing firm and light things because they are less stable than wall-mounted ones. So, try putting light-weighted vases, books, or other decorative objects on wall-hanging shelves; unless the wall-hanging rack is big and firm enough to be stable while holding heavy objects.

wall hanging shelves

wall hanging shelves ideas

Wall-Mounted Shelves

As mentioned before, wall-mounted shelves are generally more stable than hanging shelves; because they stack entirely to the wall, and their falling possibility is very low. So you can put things on them with no worry about falling.

wall mounted shelves

wall mounted hanging shelves

Hanging Shelves Applications

Hanging shelves have several applications: putting your books, decorative items, vases, or mugs, using them as decorative objects, and hanging plants on them. Many creative ideas may come to your mind about depending shelves applications. Moreover, you can use hanging shelves in the kitchen to put broadly used stuff on them. Furthermore, hanging shelves are suitable for kids' room decorations, especially if you want to decorate a small bedroom.

hanging shelves applications

So we can list the applications of hanging shelves as follows:

      • In the kid's room
      • For small bedroom decoration
      • In the kitchen
      • As bookshelves
      • As decorating objects
      • To place decorative items
      • To place vases
      • For hanging plants
      • For hanging wall art without nailing
      • etc.

hanging shelves ideas

hanging shelves usages

Hanging Shelves for the Kitchen

You can eliminate boring kitchens using one or more hanging shelves because you can hang cooking pieces of equipment and decoration objects on them. Handily having cooking equipment helps you find anything you need quickly and use them as decorative items.

hanging shelves for the kitchen

kitchen hanging shelves

Hanging Shelves for Kids' Rooms

Make kids' room's hanging shelves firm enough to ensure they will never fall while kids play. You should consider every single caution when you want to decorate or redecorate kids' rooms.

hanging shelves for kids rooms

Bookshelf Wall Mounted

Bookshelf Wall Mounted is decorative and practical at the same time. If you need to decide what decoration item to add, try a wall-mounted bookshelf. Moreover, we recommend you put small decorative items beside the books to make your hanging shelves more lovely.

bookshelf wall mounted

Hanging Shelves for Plants

Hanging shelves are one of the easiest ways to hang plants; with a hanging shelf, you can hang plants easily and in various styles.

hanging shelves for plants

plants hanging shelves

How to Decorate with Hanging Shelves?

Decorating with hanging shelves is straightforward. First, define the purpose of hanging a shelf on the wall; you may need it only for beautifying your decoration or for placing things. After deciding on the application, find the best model in the suitable size and color, then define the best place for your hanging shelves. After determining the proper location for hanging shelves, you need to attach them to the ceiling or wall by hanging, nailing, drilling, or their producer's recommendations. Once you suspend the racks, you can put things on them and make them more beautiful with your creativity. Try putting flowers beside art pieces, candles beside books, and vintage decorations beside kitchen appliances. Remember that hanging shelves are one of the best gifts for artists because they can turn their art pieces without nailing using a stand.

decorate with hanging shelves

You read a complete guide to choosing, installing, and using hanging shelves. Now it's time to start and decorate a lovely space with hanging shelves. Please share your ideas and experiments about this subject and the passage you read by leaving comments. Remember that CyrusCrafts offers the best Persian handicrafts, wall art, and other decorative elements for your lovely homes and offices. Additionally, you can find handwoven Persian carpets, rugs, woodcarving sofas, handmade chandeliers, wall lights, clothing, accessories, etc., on the website. If you want one of our products, fill out its order form and buy it at the best price; then wait for us to quickly deliver it to your home door.

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