Interior design and decoration are among the most critical subjects about any house, which is why we discuss them in CyrusCrafts magazine. Here are novel ideas for using prints and patterns in decorations of the dining room, living room, etc., to your visual interests.

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Decorating with Patterns

Using multiple motifs correctly as decorative patterns can have an aesthetic effect on your home, but overusing them may cause the interior design to look messy. So it is essential to know what decor patterns and how many are proper to apply in choosing patterns.

decorating with patterns

1. Colors  Inspiration

The best way of decorating with patterns is by using colors in decoration. Mixing stripes, geometrics, florals, and other arrangements is allowed if they share a standard color palette. They should share similar shades of color schemes to make the patterns cohesive - the tones don't have to match.
When decorating a room with a bold color palette or a robust statement piece, use block colors to avoid creating a scene of complete chaos. Patterns will shine brighter in a room with a resting place for the eye. If the wall color is neutral, add solid colors and textures to balance and separate. In this case, using velvet decorative items in warm colors would help the space feel friendly and hospitable.

decorating patterns and colors

Whether you love color or not, white is a great base that allows your habits to stand out and bring everything together. The eye can breathe by adding depth to the space while enhancing the graphics. Make your home look crisp and clean by keeping it the same color.
If you are interested in colors and their meaning and effects, please read the "Colors spiritual meanings" blog post.

decor patterns and colors

2. Layer Rugs and Carpets

Combining patterns with rugs is one of the most accessible and practical things you can do. In this method, you need two different carpets. Color palettes and shapes should complement each other if they have bold designs. And if one of them is neutral, choose the other vibrant.

layer rugs

3. Patterned Accessories

You can start with throws, cushions, and upholstery for the accessories with patterned fabrics. Working with soft finishes means you can still clash with large-scale prints. You can pair black-and-white animal prints with a lush tropical palm print using bold florals with striped designs.
Besides patterns work textiles, you can bring motifs to the decoration using patterned decorative bowls and plates. There are many home decor accessories in the market where you can find your beloved one.

decorative patterns

4. Wall Art

Colorful abstract wall art or repetitive prints or paintings hang nicely on the wall. Bold pieces of art can also influence geometric shapes or tribal lines. You can dangle the picture near an item of furniture or a painted wall for incredible illustrated friction.
Note that correctly hanging wall art has rules and standards. You can add patterns and prints to a room with paintings and pillowcases in a simple and elusive manner.

pink abstract painting

5. Wallpaper Prints

The printed wallpaper can add character to a room without requiring extra styling. Decorate with two designs in the same style: a large picture or motif print matched with a smaller one. Furniture that echoes the wallpaper's dominant colors makes the room feel "put together." Patterned wallpapers are among the essential parts of any vintage interior design.


6. Tilework

Persian-inspired tiles are excellent in patterns and colors, so we recommend making Persian tilework the feature if you're designing a kitchen or bathroom. You can create a patchwork of tiles on the walls, floor, or splashback, with color and size consistent and mixed patterns. Tilework is excellent for bringing a narrow staircase in style.

green patterned tilework

7. Small Things to Do

Designing a room with layers of marks can be rough. But you can combine prints in quiet ways, too. Line a bookshelf with leftover printed wallpaper, use decorative bordered frames for every piece of framed wall art for decorating with patterns, or mix and match your bedsheets.

colorful patterns

This blog post reviewed seven ideas for adding decorative patterns to interior designs. It is essential to use motifs in design, but it is more important to use them correctly. After reading this essay, please share your ideas and opinions about decorating with patterns and prints as comments. CyrusCrafts interior design professionals are ready to answer your questions and guide you about motifs in design.

decorating with colorful patterns

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