The task of decorating a narrow hallway can be challenging if you don't have any bright ideas. To decorate your narrow hallway, you must first determine its purpose. Creating an aesthetically pleasing space or enhancing its size is the goal.


Hallways are no one's favorite spot in the house, as they are normally dark and soulless, so you need to put appropriate effort into making these places look and feel comfortable. In this article, we aim to explore ten narrow hallway ideas. Items like storage baskets and console tables not only add style but also offer ample space for neatly organizing your belongings.


1. Narrow Hallway Storage Units Ideas

Hallways, particularly narrow ones, often pose a unique challenge when it comes to space utilization. This often-overlooked space can be transformed into a useful and aesthetically pleasing space with a bit of creativity. Incorporating built-in storage is a good strategy. Your narrow hallway can be made more useful with these clever ideas:

  • Built-in Cabinets: Maximize your wall space by integrating built-in cabinets with doors. These concealed storage units are perfect for stowing away shoes, coats, cleaning supplies, and any other items you prefer to keep out of sight.
  • Floating Shelves: For those who fancy a minimalist design, floating shelves are an excellent option. These slender, sleek shelves provide a clean and contemporary display area for artwork or decorative items.
  • Cubby Storage: Construct cubbyholes within the wall to store shoes, bags, or other small items. Depending on your style and preference, you can choose to add doors or leave the cubbies open.
  • Pull-out Drawers: Incorporate pull-out drawers underneath a built-in bench or seating area. These hidden compartments provide practical storage for items like gloves, scarves, or even pet supplies.
  • Overhead Storage: Make good use of the ceiling space by installing overhead storage compartments. These are ideal for storing seasonal items, luggage, or other infrequently used belongings, thereby keeping your hallway clutter-free.
  • Mirrored Cabinets: Install mirrored cabinets along one side of the hallway. Besides offering additional storage, these mirrored cabinets visually expand the space, creating the illusion of a larger hallway.

With these tips, you can efficiently maximize your narrow hallway space while maintaining a stylish and organized home.

Moreover, your specific storage needs are the paint that brings life to this canvas. Everyone has a unique set of storage needs, and the beauty of built-in storage units is their ability to cater to these needs. Customizing these built-in storage units to match your requirements is akin to creating your masterpiece. It breathes life into the functionality of your hallway while also adding a touch of aesthetic appeal.

By considering these elements, you'll be on your way to creating a hallway that is not only practical but also a beautiful testament to your personal style.

2. Narrow Hallway Lighting Ideas

The lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the appeal of narrow hallways. Appropriate lighting can create a sense of spaciousness. 

the power of lighting in narrow hallway

Natural light is one of the optimal choices, but layered lighting can also be effective. Here are a few options:

  1. Statement Chandeliers: Give your narrow hallway a dash of elegance and drama by using luxury chandeliers. Whether you opt for a contemporary or vintage design, this statement piece will surely be an eye-catcher. 
  2. Slim Floor Lamps: Strategically placed slim floor lamps can provide both ambient and task lighting, creating a cozy and well-lit atmosphere in your hallway.
  3. Double Pendant Lighting: Create visual interest and evenly illuminate your hallway by hanging two pendant lights at varying heights.
  4. Vanity Lights: If your hallway features a mirror or artwork, consider installing vanity lights on the walls. These fixtures offer both flattering and functional lighting. 
  5. Tiffany-style Fixtures: Add a touch of vintage charm to your hallway with Tiffany-style fixtures. Their stained glass shades cast a warm and colorful glow, enhancing the ambiance. 
  6. Shelf Floor Lamps: If you're dealing with a tight space, consider floor lamps with built-in shelves. These fixtures not only provide lighting but also offer additional storage for small hallway essentials like keys or decorative items. 
  7. Recessed Lighting: For a sleek and modern look, install recessed lights along the ceiling. This provides subtle, uniform illumination that enhances the overall aesthetic. 
  8. Wall Lights: Wall-mounted lights or sconces can add depth and visual interest to your hallway, especially when used to highlight artwork or architectural features. By using the appropriate wall light, you can create a delightful atmosphere.

Upward and downward wall lights are excellent lighting tools for lighting up a narrow hallway. This type of wall light is particularly suitable for areas without decoration. These wall lights are ideal for high-ceiling homes as they visually lower the ceiling.

3. Narrow Hallway Mirror Ideas

If we want to propose some narrow hallway ideas, we can recommend tall and round mirrors.

narrow hallway mirror Ideas

When it comes to decorating your home, mirrors are a great tool, especially if you have narrow hallways. An artistically designed mirror can enhance the beauty of your space, so choose one with a beautiful frame. Here are two good options:

  1. Tall Mirrors: A Narrow hallway decor with a tall mirror would be brilliant. Because mirrors reflect light, making your space appear larger. By installing large mirrors on the wall, you can make the area look larger.
  2. Round Mirrors: One of the popular mirror styles for narrow hallways is the round mirror. By using round mirrors, you can add softness to the hallway.

4. Narrow Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

For narrow hallway wall decor. You can use panels. The combination of white and black panels adds an artistic touch to your space. Panels with vibrant colors can create a friendly and warm atmosphere.

narrow hallway  ideas about decorating the wall

Wall Rugs

One of the useful items that you can consider in narrow hallway ideas is using the wall rug. Wall rugs are traditional tapestries made of rugs. Wall rugs have different patterns that you can choose according to your home's style. Wall rugs are considered precious items in your home.


Wall picture or tableau painting is another option for wall decoration. Various types of paintings are available, so you can pick the one that best fits your style. There are different forms of paintings, including oil paintings, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, gypsum pastel art, crayon art, etc.

By installing a painting tableau in your home, you can bring the atmosphere to life. When you want to buy a painting for your wall, consider your home style first and purchase a harmonious tableau. Also, consider the color of the painting. Cool colors provide a soothing atmosphere, while warm colors like yellow and orange make the atmosphere more energetic. Among the most popular painting styles are:

  • Abstract Paintings: As the name suggests, abstract wall decorations do not depict real objects but rather convey shapes and forms.
  • Calligraphy: Different types of calligraphy paintings represent a blend of creativity and modern fashion with a rich historical background. If you wish to adorn your home wall design with an artistic piece, calligraphy stands as one of the finest choices.
  • Oversized Wall Arts: One of the most interesting narrow hallway ideas is to install an oversized wall art. Instead of using multiple small pictures, opt for large and striking artwork. Large artwork can make the space appear wider. Hang the artwork at eye level for the best effect.
  • Perisna Miniature: Among many hanging art options, Persian miniature paintings are one of the best options for a narrow hallway. Choosing the right color scheme is important when purchasing Persian miniature paintings. A miniature painting with vibrant colors will help you create a warm atmosphere in your narrow hallway.


Adding hooks to your narrow hallway can help you hang items such as coats, scarves, hats, etc. When decorated properly, a narrow hallway can be quite functional in a home.

Some coat hooks are traditional, while others resemble tree branches or geometric models. Select hooks that match your home's style. For a bohemian-style home, consider tree branch hooks. For a vintage style, wooden hooks are a good choice, and for modern homes, opt for geometric model hooks.

using hooks in narrow hallway

5. Narrow Hallway Color Ideas

Another important subject in narrow hallway ideas is the color of the walls. During this decision-making process, consider your personal preferences. Light colors such as white and cream can brighten up a room, while horizontal stripes or textures can make it appear wider.

narrrow hallway painting ideas

When choosing the color for a narrow hallway decor, consider its size. For smaller, narrow hallways, it's better to opt for light colors. These shades can create an illusion of space and open up the atmosphere. In the case of a larger, narrow hallway, bolder and darker colors may be more suitable. For a brighter ambiance, you can even choose vibrant colors like bright yellow.

A Wonderful Space with Monochromatic Shades

Creating a wonderful space using monochromatic color shades is the right choice for today's minimalist design trends.

monochromatic colour shades in narrow hallway

One of the best ways to create an eye-catching atmosphere is to use a monochromatic color for the walls of a narrow hallway.

6. Narrow Hallway Focal Point Ideas

When decorating small hallways, establishing a focal point is crucial. A lighter color for the ceiling can create the illusion of greater height.
Another effective way to create a focal point in a narrow hallway is through lighting. Lighting can open up the space and draw people's attention.

For square, circular, or rectangular hallways, you can use a central pendulum light hung at the ceiling's center.

create-a-focal-point in hallway

You can also make a focal point by using a rug. It's worth noting that for circular hallways, a large round rug works best, while square hallways can benefit from a rectangular rug with a traditional pattern. Persian-style rugs can add a brilliant touch to your hallway decor.

7. Narrow Hallway Scale Ideas

When designing a narrow hallway decor, take the size of your furniture into account. Choose furniture that is proportionate to the dimensions of your narrow hallway. It's also beneficial to incorporate various shapes for the best results.

consider the scale in narrow hallway design

When organizing furniture in a narrow hallway, consider the following points:

  • Avoid placing furniture between two walls
  • Select items with shallow depth
  • If you want to create a space for shoes, position them beneath a cabinet
  • Hang the mirror at adult eye level

8. Narrow Hallway Plant Ideas

Plants are another aspect of narrow hallway ideas. A narrow hallway should be decorated with indoor plants so that the air quality can be improved. If the space lacks access to natural light, opt for low-maintenance plants.

plants for narrow hallway decoration ideas

The best plants for narrow hallway decor are tall ones. Plants like kentia and the core plants work well in this atmosphere. If you're looking for a good plant for a dark hallway, consider choosing spider plants. They have a beautiful appearance and can thrive in indirect light and low-light atmospheres like a dark, narrow hallway.

9. Narrow Hallway Flooring Ideas

When it comes to flooring, consider the function and texture. Narrow hallways often lack natural lighting, so it's best to choose light-colored flooring to reflect light and create a more inviting atmosphere. Additionally, consider the material and quality of the flooring, as hallways are high-traffic areas.

Runner Rugs

For flooring in a narrow hallway, a runner rug is ideal. Typically measuring between 2 and 3 feet in width and ranging from 6 to 14 feet in length, smaller sizes are preferable for narrower hallways. Given the high traffic in hallways, prioritize a runner rug with durability. Explore a variety of options at CyrusCrafts to find the perfect fit for your narrow hallway.

For more interesting tips and hacks about cleaning a rug, make sure to read How to Clean a Rug post.

Woods and Tiles

A great idea for narrow hallway decor flooring is a combination of wood and tile. This flooring doesn't show stains and works nicely in entrance hallways. Wood and tile work nicely in entrance hallways.

Narrow Hallway Flooring Tips and Hacks

Here are some narrow hallway flooring tips:

  • Pay attention to the direction of the flooring; using tiles with horizontal patterns can make the space appear wider.
  • Consider using giant tiles for flooring in the narrow hallway to create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Patterned flooring can add visual interest to narrow hallways

10. Narrow Hallway Seating Space Ideas

If the narrow hallway is located at the front door of your home, you can use that place for entrances to your home and create a place to perch with a lightweight, simple indoor bench that is helpful for everyday tasks but also doesn't interfere with the limited space available.

Benches or wooden sofas that have open bottoms also allow you to tuck shoes underneath or even add baskets that can house additional bits and bobs that you don't want on show. As well as putting practicality first, creating a mini seating zone will also add to a carefully curated look.

Questions & Answers

We explore the common questions about the narrow hallway in the following. So you will have a wide vision to decorate the narrow hallway so well.

What Can I Do with a Narrow Hallway?

In designing a narrow hallway, you need to consider the lightning. By using appropriate lighting, the space will appear larger.

Other factors that you have to consider are the color of the walls and furniture. Adding a mirror can make the atmosphere warm and delightful in a narrow hallway.
Also, you can use artistic items such as pictorial carpets, paintings, etc.

How Can I Make My Narrow Hallway Look Better?

If you want to make a delightful hallway, you must use neutral colors to paint the walls. It is better to paint the ceiling a light color. Pay attention to don't over decorate the atmosphere.

To create a nice atmosphere in a narrow hallway, you have to buy appropriate furniture. Based on the size of your hallway, buy furniture such as a sofa or console table.

Another thing that you can do is to create a focal point. For making a focal point, you can use a sofa or a big picture.

What Color Scheme for a Narrow Hallway?

You can use bright white paint to create a fresh atmosphere. Also, you can use white color, since it reflects the light so well.

If you are interested in minimalist decor, you can opt for neutral colors like grey or a combination of grey and white. For creating a vibrant atmosphere, it's better to select colors such as pink or yellow. If you want to make a narrow hallway appear larger, consider using bright colors.

How Do You Make a Hallway Look More Expensive?

For making a luxury hallway, you can use patterns and colors in hallway decoration. Also, you can prepare fresh flowers and decorate the atmosphere with that. Also, it's better to use lights thoughtfully. You shouldn't overcrowd the hallway; just using some artistic items would be enough.


A narrow hallway at home offers various design possibilities. To create a delightful atmosphere, consider investing in furniture and accessories such as hooks, console tables, mirrors, wall art, etc. Customize your choices based on the desired atmosphere. A runner rug can also be a great item for a narrow hallway. 

Furthermore, you can browse and purchase various wall decoratives, including pictorial carpets, paintings, abstract art, and calligraphy, at Cyruscrafts to find the perfect fit for your narrow hallway.

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