A Handicraft embodies the first cultural symbol in early human societies and includes a wide range of creative activities and handmade things.

Archeological excavations of ancient civilizations, such as Shahr-e Sukhteh ([The] Burnt City) in Iran, the Mayan civilization in South America, ancient Egyptian and many Paleolithic civilizations, show that the first signs of civilization and culture emerged in pottery, which, in addition to everyday use, was decorated with patterns and motifs.

It is the crafts of the peoples of every land that reveals their background, what they have been through and what civilization they have come from, and, they are all considered the cultural and artistic works of each nation. For instance,Cyrus human rights cylinder reflects the 2500 years old Iranian culture of modern civilization.

persian handicraft

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Handicrafts, rug and carpets, indigenous pictures, traditional lighting products, etc. are among the handicrafts that make up long-standing memorials. What they brought with them from ancient times was the warmth and intimacy that are less palpable due to the mechanization of our surrounding world.

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persian handicraft

A handicraft is a type of handy work which is very useful in decoration. Paisley shelf covers, traditional candlesticks, tulip chandeliers, and, simple and delightful wooden photo frames bring the nostalgic aesthetics of the past beautiful days that can be possessed today by having a collection of handicrafts.

A Handicraft many types, in each area and region represents the culture that has passed from the past to the present, and each piece of pottery and glassware reveals the profundity of the culture and history.

Today's human has not forgotten their ancestors' tradition to communicate and show their unique culture, and has consistently tried in different periods to make their handicrafts known worldwide, which today include a wide range of visual arts.

The power of art surpasses the frontiers, and acquaints people from around the world with the handicrafts like pottery, glass, copper, hemp, wood and all kinds of ornamental stones, which are the result of endless efforts of tasteful artists.

A Handicraft, on the other hand, can be a gift and an appropriate souvenir for those who are tired of the contempt of the modern mechanized world, and his visual art is able to distract the beholders and add a beautiful and pure look to their surroundings.

In addition, handicrafts from the oldest to the most modern societies, attract eyes, decorate walls and tables, and demonstrate the glory of the near and far cultures.

Persian handicrafts, with a unique variety in form, material, and application, are of no exception; these artistic manifestations are so inspiring and astounding that they annually generate a large amount of tourism revenue in Iran.

persian handicraft

In the small chambers of Isfahan, Tabriz, Hamedan, Mashhad, Neyshabur, Bushehr, Zanjan and many other cities of Iran, the magnificent manifestations of Iranian handicrafts are demonstrated and draw the admiration of culture lovers around the world.

The cruses made in Lalejin Hamadan using the pottery wheel are the hidden sign of Hegmataneh pottery, and the wood-carved mosaics of Isfahan are reminiscent of the glory of the Safavid era.

Handicraft on Cyrus Crafts

The Cyrus Crafts has the honor to offer the most exquisite handicrafts in Iran, including all kinds of pottery and ceramics, porcelain, traditional handwovens and fabric products, leather goods and textiles, wooden and wicker handcrafts, metal and conceptual handcrafts, vitreous enamel, turquoise, copper containers, glassware and mirrors, and many other products at the best prices and conditions of sale to all esteemed enthusiasts and collectors around the world.


Handmade Bag

Handmade in Isfahan / Persia (Iran) Outer Material: Handwoven Kilim Inner Material: Artificial Leather Hover to see zoomed view for fine details.
  • Reduced price / -$7.00

Persian Wool Gabbeh Rug

$293.00 $300.00
Handmade in Isfahan / Persia (Iran) Pure Wool - High Quality Thin Cut Hover to see zoomed view for fine details.
  • Reduced price / -$14.00
Home decor

Common Termeh Paisly & Toranj DesignTablecloth

$66.00 $80.00
Handmade in Yazd / Persia (Iran) Rayon, Cotton and Wool Fibre Hover to see zoomed view for fine details. Termeh Meaning: a limber cypress and the curvature in front of God
Sama Dance" cushion cover Rumi Poem

Sama Dance" cushion cover Rumi Poem

Handmade Materials:Velvet, Zipper, Metal Zipper, Upholstery velvet Being a passionate reader of Persian classics.Pattern is inspired from Rumi`s Poem.
A prayer for love-Persian Wall Decor A prayer for love-Persian Wall Decor 2

A prayer for love-Persian Wall Decor

Handmade in Isfahan / Persia (Iran) Persian Wall Art Canvas Print Persian Home Decor Hover to see zoomed view for fine details.
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